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This is so weird. This is the Wayne County Athletic League final standings with the teams number of wins within the conference:

Smithville 7
Dalton 6
Norwayne 5
Chippewa 4
Wayndale 3
Northwestern 2
Hillsdale 1
Rittman 0

Anyone else see a pattern there? Bizarre...

posted by RMK | 2:23 AM


ok, getting things back to my liking

now I'm going to bed.

oh man! I just forgot game 5 was tonight!! (espn check) crap... giants win. This series better go seven game. Go Angels!

posted by RMK | 1:33 AM

and my archives only work if I post them as weekly... strange stuff going on over here.

posted by RMK | 1:09 AM

I soon figured out the template I chose was the same as Abe's, so I went another direction.

posted by RMK | 1:08 AM

as the more preceptive of you have noticed, I had blog issues. it kept saying it couldn't do my template so I chose a new one. and now I lost my archives for all but two weeks........ I dont get it. I'll try and work on this over the weekend.

posted by RMK | 1:03 AM


I'm back from mid-term break. And that's exactly what it was, a break. I really didn't do anything at all. It was great.

posted by RMK | 9:00 PM
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