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Blog Between the Lines
"I'm here to regulate funkiness" -The Mexican


Got together with Chris, Kayli and Tara tonight. It was fun dispite the fact we were all very tired and out of it.

posted by RMK | 2:12 AM


There are many things that can make me happy. Tonight I did one of the things that make me the happiest:

Quality time (more specifically 3 1/2 hours at Friendly's) with one of my most amazing friends who I don't get to see near enough these days.

posted by RMK | 11:13 PM

Does it bother/suprise/confuse/whatever anyone else the the so much of the world can be in chaos, but everything is fine and dandy in Ohio?

I can't decide how I feel about it.

posted by RMK | 8:50 AM


And so it begins

I have started another blog. See here.

By the way, this is the new thing I was talking about.

posted by RMK | 1:50 AM

or the ones that work now

posted by RMK | 1:26 AM


and no, the not working pictures on the sidebar aren't it.

posted by RMK | 11:25 PM

something new is coming...

posted by RMK | 7:34 PM

Why can't these people realize they aren't accomplishing anything?

posted by RMK | 1:40 PM
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