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ok, so here's the story, a Miami of Ohio coach was arrested for pushing a 36-year-old Marshall fan down when the fan was down on the field after the game and taunting the Miami players. Now I'm not saying what the coach did was right, but I think the real question is, why is there a 36-year-old guy taunting a bunch of 18-22 year olds that his group of 18-22 year olds beat the first group? I'm a fan of football and all sports, I watch high school, college, and professional levels, but I watch it. I don't act like I'm part of the team. This guy didn't do anything to help Marshall win but yet he felt it to be his job to taunt Miami's players. What's up with this guy? And a lot of other die hard sports fans, for that matter. You AREN'T PART OF THE TEAM! Don't say "we" need to do that, or "we" won. You didn't win, the team you were watching did.

Sorry, that's always bugged me. Robert Flaugher of Pickerington, Ohio was just the last sports dweeb that I could take. You want to take credit for the win Robert? Suit up. Get dirty. But chances are if you're in the hospital after getting pushed by a coach and need your brother to do all the talking for you, you won't last too long.