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I think this is the time when I'm supposed to talk about my weekend.

Friday - Santa Clause 2 -- Not bad for a sequel, very not bad for a sequel to a kids movie made by disney. some lame humor, but it's a sequel to a kids movie made by disney so it's to be expected. but over all, not bad. cutest little girl in it.

Saturday - Dalton v. Cardinal -- How was Cardinal undefeated? They were small, their quarterback has a horrible attitude (at least it appeared like it from the stands), and they could keep a hold of the ball. Dalton rocked. I can't WAIT until the smithville game saturday. Dalton scored the second most point in D5 this past weekend and Smithvilled scored the least of a winning team by far. Hopefully Dalton's momentum will keep them going. The Smithies can have the WCAL trophey, but Dalton can get something better. By the way, Derek Jackson is awesome. I remember when he was a little kid when his mom babysat my brother and I when we moved to Dalton, so it's kind of weird seeing him play HS football. But we played incredibly sat. so did Mark. Well everybody did. But especially those two.

Sunday -- Had an interesting speaker in church, a spanish speaking minister from Central America who preached through a translator. Had some interesting thoughts and it was cool hearing the two languages together. On the way back to school I slept all but about 15 minutes worth. And I'm still pretty tired. So I'm going to bed now. I am not looking forward to the Monday ahead of me.