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Sigh... thought I had a free evening for once, but then I got reminded of two homework assignments I had to do for tomorrow. So I didn't get around to the only think I originally planned on doing tonight (the fun job of hanging posters around campus for four different things :-p) so I'll have to cram that in tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow night is the Etiqutte Dinner and Buisiness Style show that the place I work for is sponsoring so I get to go help with that. I've already made all the posters, tickets, invitations, and programs for it, so I hope I can just enjoy it tomorrow night. I know I have to take tickets, hopefully that's it.

I had an almost two hour phone conversation with a friend tonight, it was really cool. She's an awesome girl and I've been hoping to be able to strengthen our friendship and this certainly did it. It started out as a phone call that I was going to ask her one question, but we just kept talking. Like I said, it was cool.

Then I got to spend time with Alexis, unfortunatly it was spent doing homework, but we also had Notting Hill on and that movie is hilarious so it wasn't too bad. Alexis and I have spent quality time together four nights in a row (maybe more, I can't remember back to thursday). I think this is a record for this semester. It seems like one of us is always busy with something. This college thing is pretty hectic.

Well how about that for some random thoughts?