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OK, so I went into the living room last night and one of my apartmentmates was watching that Egypt Live thing on Fox. It was this National Geographic thing where these people were going into a pyramid. I only saw the last 15 min. but what I got out of it was, they drilled through a wall, and put a camera through, and found another wall. and then it ended. They were all excited they went throught the first wall and they found another wall.... I don't get it. Then this guy came on and tried to BS their way out of it saying they hoped the viewers learned something and that whether it seemed like it or not, this was really an exciting event. Then they put the new wall back up and ran the credits. I just don't get historians. I know people say history will repeat itself if we don't know what happened before, but.... are they saying we'll build walls in weird places if we don't know the Egyptians did it? I don't know. I just don't understand it all.