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I don't know if you all got that huge storm Sat nigh/Sunday Morning, but we got a huge one. We had probably about 3-4 inches of rain in an hour or so span. And while all this was going on, the back three windows were out of my Jeep.... so it got drenched. Any other time it's be rained in it's been fine, but this much water was too much. It's a mildew machine and it reeks. I've used about a half bottle of febreeze already and I think I'm going to have to start taking the carpet out and putting it through the washer and dryer or something. I don't know but it has to smell better, I could barely drive it yesterday. Any suggestions anyone?

Update: Ah, mom's wisdom pulls through. Lysol spray. Why didn't I think of that? Back to Walmart we go!