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Because I was in Columbus for almost 12 hours yesterday, I missed college football. But looking at the scores, it looks like it was another exciting day. The Buckeyes, minus a certain running back, actually had a close game (for exact closeness, see Erin's comment below), Michigan almost lost AGAIN to an UNRANKED TEAM! (They only scored 10 points!!!) And Notre Dame helped out OSU buy beating another Big 10 team, we really need to send them a thank you card.

Anyways, what I WAS doing, having fun at Magic Mountain, having supper at Steak and Shake, and seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding. All of these things I've done for the first time. Magic Mountain is cool, but crowded. Steak and Shake is awesome!! and My Big Fat Greek Wedding is hilarious. A great movie. The only thing that took away from it is the fact it was a low budget movie with all these unknowns in it but oh wait, there's Joey Fatone from N'Sync. He stuck out like a sore thumb. Not becuase he was a bad actor, but because he was the only famous person in the movie. At least he was only in it for like 15 minutes or so. But overall, it was a great night!