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Attention World Sickos:

If you want to copy cat a crime. Rob a bank. Spray paint a building. DON'T KIDNAP AND KILL GIRLS!

I don't know what these guys get out of doing this. Does doing something like that really make them feel better about themselves? There has too be a chemical imbalance going on. The thing that tears me apart the most about this Wayne Co. girl is "Yockey was released from prison last March after serving 15 years for kidnapping and raping a 17-year-old girl. He lived with his parents, just yards from the Jackson home."

Hey Judges and law people. If a dirty old man is raping girls, DON'T LET HIM OUT ON THE STREETS!!!

This whole thing really bothers me. I'd like to have a daughter someday. And I don't want any of those guys around when I do.