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One of the guys on Pardon the Interruption (a show on ESPN that highly resembles Abe and I sometimes) made a very interesting statement.

They were discussing Little League Baseball on TV and whether or not this is too much exposier for 12 year olds. The guy I mentioned above (the white guy on the show, I don't know their names) said that parents are pushing way too hard that winning is everything. I agree with this very much. But the statement that I really liked was (in reference to America) "We're East Germany with better food"

I really like that statement applying to sports because I think it's very true. No matter what age group, it's all about winning. Being the best. They (on the show) mentioned that there are traveling teams in every sport from age 6! Even sports like hockey!! That's insane!

This country isn't only getting too fast paced. It's getting way to competitive. I think things in this country would be a lot better if we all just kicked back and relax for awhile every now and then. If we remember who is really in control (God) we could all lighten up a bit.