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I can't wait for school to start again. I cannot wait until August 31st when I take all my stuff, shove it into my car and head back to MVNU. A lot of people, college age and not, think I'm crazy. "Why do you want to go back to school so bad?"

The answer is simple: I finally like school. Don't get my wrong, I liked high school. For drama and choir and social time. As for history, math, science, and the like, I hated it. I finally got through all those classes I'll probably never need both high school and core classes at MVNU and into the stuff I've wanted to learn about for a long time. About the fine points of writing and how the business world works. Not only do I enjoy this stuff, I'm actually kinda good at it. I'm getting the best grades of my life and I finally have the motivation and this whole summer thing is really starting to get to me. I want to learn! Not go work in a library every day. I've done that way too long.

Which brings us to the second reason I want to go back to school. I get a new line of work. For a year and a half at school and two summers in Dalton (and now wooster) I've worked in a library. I'm very forward to a new job (three actually) so that I can get away from the annoyance that is a library. There is the iccesent beeping when checking books in or out, the patrons that won't learn how to use a computer so they can order their own list of a dozen books, and those who come in only 10 minutes before closing. I know no job is perfect, but I need a change of pace.

Then there are the more obvious reasons: getting away from my hormonally-charged teenage brother, living in an apartment with the guys, seeing my classmates, being closer to Columbus, and all those good things.

It's not that I don't like my family, or Dalton for that matter. It's just that being at school, makes me feel more at home.