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As short as American's attentions spans may get. I am convinced there is one thing that the human race will never tire of: sticking our hands out of an open car window and playing with the wind. I find it so funny to follow someone for five miles and the whole time their hand is out the window doing the "up and down" thing, and the "closed fingers/open fingers" deal, the "see how far my hand can be pulled back" game, etc., etc. I'm not pleading innocent, I do it every now and then, too. I think everybody does. Innocently driving down the road, you stretch your arms out, one out the open window and BAM! the wind catches your arm. "Whoa, that's pretty cool!" Doesn't matter how many times you've done it, it's always, "Hey, that's cool!"

I guess this is one of the harder-to-explain parts of human nature.