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This is the most perfect day I can remember.

Alexis and I spent 3 hours at the pool (I say the pool like you all know what pool, but anyways). Then went to Subway and got a couple of movies. With lots of good conversations in between. It was exactly what I needed.

The only bad thing is now my shoulders, back, and chest are now sunburnt. See, I did the brilliant, "hey my arms, legs, neck, and face are already tan, so I'll put sunscreen on them and not the rest of me" I knew it was a stupid idea, but I did it anyways. But at least I don't have a nice gleaming white under my shirt. Instead... I have reverse tan lines... but the places were I put sunblock are all nicely tanned now. The last few years my sun burns have turned to tans in a day or so. I'm hoping this time is the same.