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Just when I was in the mood for a survey...

Thanks Dreama!

1) If you could build your house anywhere, where would it be? I've been in the mood to go to a beach. So I'll say a beach

2) What's your favourite article of clothing? Probably my blue pajama pants. They're very comfortable.

3) What's your favourite physical feature of the opposite sex? I think smile.

4)What's the last CD that you bought? The Benjamin Gate

5) Where's your favourite place to be? Driving

6) Where's your least favourite place to be? The dentist office, they always find something to get poked, prodded, and drilled.

7) What's your favourite place to be massaged? I'd have to say the inside of my elbows, and my feet.

8) What's your favourite TV show? Friends, the only show I watch regularly (also the only show I have every epidsode downloaded and on cd)

9) What's your favourite kitchen appliance? A George Foreman Grill is a wonderful thing.

10) What's your favourite childhood memory? I don't have a lot of childhood memories. Probably our vacations to Mich.

11) What makes you laugh? A lot of things.

12) What makes you really angry? Not a lot of things. I used to have a mean temper. But I forced myself to lose it.

13) If you could play any instrument, what would it be? I wish I could get the determination and disipline to learn to play my guitar.

14) Favourite Restaurant/Cafe/Eatery? I'm hungry for Bliss now, so I'll say that.

15) Scariest moment of your life? Probably the time when a dump truck pulled in front of me and I had to brake, screech, swerve, slide my way around it. That freaked me out pretty bad.

16) If a movie was made about you, what current/former Hollywood star would portray you? Meg Ryan, heh heh, just kiddin'

17) Do you believe in afterlife? yup

18) Favourite childrens' book? They're all enjoyable

19) What is your favourite season? spring. and we didn't have one this year. I'm not too happy about that.

20) What is your least favourite household chore? Isn't cleaning bathrooms everyone's least favorite household chore?

21) If you could have one super power, what would it be? I would be able to solve everyone's problems, but only if they asked me too.

22) If you had a tattoo, what would it be? I at one point thought about a cross on my left arm and G clef on my right, but it will never happen.

23) Who was your first love, and at what age? I'm still in love with her now. I was 18 at the start.

24) The song you wished you'd written? I just wishI was talented enough to write anything. But I'll go with "To Make You Feel My Love" by whoever wrote it. Both Garth and Billy Joel and I think Bob Dylan have sang it. I don't know who wrote it.

25) What's in the trunk of your car? my baseball glove, emergency roadside kit, possibly a basketball, and my brother's friend's cathcher's mask. I'm not sure why that's in there.

26) What is your favourite day? Days I don't have to work and I can do whatever I please.

27) Describe yourself using only one word: I