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Another Survey

Also from Dreama.

Ethics/Personal Life:

- Has a blog post ever got you into trouble?
I wouldn't say trouble. But I've gotten into some arguments with friends that I wish wouldn't of happened.

- How many people do you know face-to-face who read your weblog?
Pretty much everyone. It's a small readership around these parts.

- Have you met any of your regional (or even remote) bloggers?
Not quite sure what this is asking.

- Do you modify or delete posts? How often? Why?
I'll change spelling and grammar errors. If I change any content, I'll mark it. But I usually don't. I rarely if ever delete.

- How much is your weblog a part of your personal identity? Do you feel like people who don't know about your blog don't really know you?
I don't say anything on here I wouldn't talking to someone.

-How has blogging changed your life?
Um, I have a web log now?


- Do you know how to code at all? Did you learn how to code by blogging?
Any coding I've done I've learned from studying and analyzing other peoples code. Cheap? Yeah. But it's the best I could do.

-What weblogging tool do you use and why?
Blogger. Because it's user friendly for the most part and that's the only one I knew about when I started.

-Does the design seem like something that is just something that has to be dispensed with in order to be able to write publicly, or is your design an integral part of your writing and presentation?
It's the only template I liked. If I knew how to do my own, I would. I like designing but I don't know how to do it HTML style.

-How many times have you changed your weblog design entirely (or nearly so)?
Um... 3ish?


- How many people would you guess (educated guess based on hit counts/logfiles) read your weblog on a weekly basis at least?
Not a whole lot. But most of my readers are people I care about so it's fine with me.

- What have you done to get more people to look at your site?
Nothing really. I have a link on my e-mail sig if that counts. And it's in my AIM profile.

- What one or two characteristics make a blog really popular? Are there things that you could do to have more people read your weblog that you conciously do not do? Why?
I don't know. I guess if it's interesting and if people can identify with it.

-What really popular weblog do you think most deserves it...and/or least deserves it?
I don't know.

-How do you feel about your readership? What makes for a quality readership to you?
I'm happy with it, because like I said before. For the most part it's just my friends.

Influence of Other Bloggers:

- What other blogger is most responsible for you starting your own weblog?
I always enjoyed reading Tiff's. So I'll say her.

-Who was the first other blogger (that you know of) who put you on their sidebar, and how did you feel? How did it influence your blogging?
Eh? I dunno.

- What other blogger do you most admire for their writing skills?

- What other blogger do you most admire for their design skills?
Tiff again.

- Who is a blogger that you think is really good but doesn't get nearly the attention they are worthy of?

- Do you feel obligated to have people on your link lists/sidebars that you never read?
I regularly visit all the sites on my sidebar.

- What one or two characteristics define a really quality blog (in your humble opinion, of course)?
Honesty and Purpose