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Yesterday I took the top off the Jeep (I let my brother borrow the 'Stang for awhile) and threw in Alexis and I's bike and we took off for Mohican. We tried Mountain Biking for the first time and found out it's a whooooole lot harder than it looks. We don't quite have half the endurnace it takes for that. So after braving and failing a few gravel hills and such, we placed the bikes safely in the back of the Jeep and went to a hiking trail. We hiked from the covered bridge back to Lyon Falls. It was cool. We climbed to the top of the falls and sat on the top and watched people coming in and going out for awhile. I've never seen so many Mullets in my life. Jeez. Older guys, middle aged guys, even a kid. It was really scary. So anyways then we came back and while Alexis was doing homework I watched Fast and the Furious. Then she came over and we watched My Best Friends Wedding and she wanted to see Fast and the Furious so we watched that again. Overall it was a great day. And the fact it's supposed to rain forever (see previous post) is very sad.