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I'm done with classes now. Exams await.

I really have mixed feelings about this situation. Although I know I really need a break, I'm not looking forward to summer at all. I worked 40 hrs a week last summer for the first time and enjoyed the money, but got sick of the job. I'm not going to be working quite as much but that just leaves me more boredom at home. I'd like to just take a two week break of relaxation and then start the next school year. I don't have a vacation or anything to look forward to (not suprisingly, I haven't been out of Ohio since the New York trip my freshman year of high school) and nothing else too exciting and out-of-the-ordinary planned. So here I sit in my apartment, resenting the fact that I have to start packing but knowing I'm moving out on wednesday. So, I'm making a list of goals for the summer so even though I don't have much to look forward to, I'll have something to do.

1) Lose 10-15 lbs. I'm hoping five a month
2) Get some ideas/starts on writing some things
3) Buy my laptop and get it all set up nice
4) Do some sports research for my editing position next year (if I get it, officially)
5) Paint my room at home

I think that's a good start for now. It will give me something to do at least. So now I'm going to resume putting off cleaning and packing. Hmm... now how am I going to do that...