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Monday at the Movies

I saw quite a few movies this weekend. Here's some summaries of what I thought.

Ali - I found this movie very interesting. Will Smith is awesome. Fresh Prince or World Champ, he can do it all.

Bandits - Ok I watched this too late at night and fell asleep, but the first 30-45 minutes were good.

Riding in Cars With Boys - Another interesting movie. Definatly different. I liked it. Drew Barrymore did a great job with the role.

Men in Black - I've see this movie a dozen times but I still love it. I watched it with Alexis so we can go to the sequel this summer. I'm really looking forward to it. Once again, Will Smith rocks.

Spiderman - I told myself I wouldn't buy into the craze, but I ended up really wanting to see it. I'm glad I did. I ended up liking it. Not quite as much as the Batman flicks, but the Bat has always been my favorite. I'd never read/watched Spiderman before. I thought they did a good job setting up the whole how-he-became-a-spider thing quickly yet effectivly. Much better than the hour and a half Lord of the Rings took to introduce itself. I have to say though. Peter Parker is a dork. At the end of the movie (stop reading if you haven't seen it even though it's a classic cookie cutter ending) he picked being a guy who dresses like a spider over M.J. (Kirsten Dunst). What the heck is he thinking? His best friend just told him he was going to hunt out Spiderman so why not avoid that conflict and take the girl he has wanted since he was six??? ARGH! What a dweeb! Sorry. Anyways, I give Spiderman the Monday at the Movies highest honer :-D for doing a good set up job, having an enjoyable plot, and setting up the sequel well. Well done, Spidey.