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I had to post this conversation I had with my friend today. I edited out the boring parts and left the funny. (well, maybe funny, if you know Matt)

Matt: I had an awful dream about you a few days ago
Matt: well it started out and we were fighting about something, I don't know what but we were tackling each other
Matt: and here is the horrible part
Matt: I suddenly saw that you had no hand
Matt: and I was like "WHAT HAPPENED???"
Matt: and you started sobbing, it was so sad
Matt: and you said, "Somebody chewed it off!"
Me: LOL!!
Matt: lol, it sounds so hilarious... but serious, it was awful
Me: I'm sorry
Me: sounds like our own little soap opera
Matt: lol, I woke up and I was like...... woah.....
Matt: that was weird