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The Future of my Blog

I just wanted to let everyone know what I'm planning here over the next couple of weeks.

1) I WILL get this and all my other links transferred around so that the blog is on my index page. I experimented with it before and I think it works better. The thing is I'll need to change links on my other pages (why I don't know because nobody looks at those anyways. But I'll do it none-the-less.

2) I was thinking about taking down the comments through the summer since I can't see them at home or work (stupid SSSNet) but I think I'm going to get myself a Juno account over the summer so I can have the internet in my room. (Parents have cable modem on their computer) so I will probably leave them up.

3) I'm hopefully going to find a template that more pleasing to the eye. I'm getting sick of brown.

There you go.