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I know most of you who read this don't care much about baseball. But I do. If you don't, skip this one and move on.

David put up a post about the possiblity of a strike happening in August. My feelings on that is that with already declined attendence, and everyone hating the Yankees and them being the ones that are winning the majority of titles of late, if the players strike MLB will never recover as it did from the last strike the last two years. Fans are already ticked at ticket prices and poor players and a lot of other things going on, and I don't think they would tolerate another strike. I know I don't think I could. Seriously, how much money can a guy spend?? How can they complain? The number one thing they need to do is get rid of Selig. #2 is get a salary cap. #3 um... trade A-Rod and Schilling and Johnson and Luis Gonzalez and Barry Bonds to the Indians. Hmm.... maybe that should be #1....