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Rave Reviews

The Wiz was AWESOME!! Hands down, best Wiz of my life. Ok, enough of those kind of jokes. But I was amazed by how well this was done. The four lead girls were incredible, the sets were awesome, there was a monkey on a foot high bicycle, what more could you ask for?? Kudos to Erica on her first singing role, too. The only thing was, I could still imagine all these people as freshman and they're SENIORS!!!! AAHHH!!! I'm old!!! Ok, maybe not that old. But fellow class of 2000ers do you realized after this year we will only have gone to school with 1/4 of the high school?? The seniors, that's it. Wow... ok off the subject. Wiz was great, Bliss afterwards was great, the whole day was great. I'm going to get ready for church now.