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Pet Peeves

I felt like sharing some of my pet peeves with everyone. Here are the top five in somewhat of an order.

1. Bad parking jobs. Is it really that hard to get a car between two lines? There's like 3 feet of leeway in there. Like three-quarters on the guys in our parking lot can't park worth anything and it ends up screwing everyone up.
2. When a large group of people are entering or exiting a building and all filter into one open door when there are several closed. When this happens if you WANT to open another door you have to wait for the filtering people to move.
3. People that pull out in front of you really fast and then drive really slow. No explination needed.
4. Telemarketers. Especially the ones who dial like 5 numbers at once and hang up on the last four to pick up so you just get a click. I think this is on everyone's list.
5. The clicking and popping noised of popped knuckles and fingernail chewing... yuck.

That's all for now. If I think of more I'll post them later.