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Spring Break Update

As you can tell, I haven't had much to blog about so far over spring break. I've spent a lot of time vegging (which my mind really needed) and some quality time with friends (chris, terri, miller, tracy, craig, ben, travis, etc). Some other notes:

- That Sobe Adreneline Rush I mentioned before made me incredibly sick. It sped my heart rate up about double time (I could feel it beating all day), the taste made me sick to my stomach, and all the built up energy released itself through heat through my neck. I ended up getting so sick I had to leave Alexis' after about 45 minutes that night so I hardly spent any time with her before she left for Florida :-(

- I went with Chris, Terri, Craig, and Matt Miller to a Sadar (Sader something like that) last night. It's like a Jewish passover meal. It was highly interesting and informative but I whish I would have known we wouldn't get to the food until 2+ hours into the thing.

- I am now sick with a harsh cold which I think I acquired from Terri who got it from Chris who got it from Craig who got it from his mom. Matt Miller beware, you might be next.

- I have to start my homework tomorrow :-p

- As a homework break project, I'm going to try and get my page moved around to a more user friendly format. The only problem is I'll have to do it on my parents computer, so I don't know if I'll get it done or not. I might do it in my room and get it all uploaded and such when I get back to school.

- I miss Alexis.