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Reviewing Oscar

I'm depressed.
1) Russell Crowe without Best Actor?? Come on! A Beautiful Mind won best picture and Crowe's AMAZING performance is what carried the film. I loved the film, I loved his performance. He deserved the trophy.
2) What happened to cutting off the speeches after so long? Halle "Cryin' Screamin' and Yellin'" Berry needed to be restrained. Yeah, she was the first black winner of Best Supporting Actress but jeez. You're an actor Halle, act like you're normal.
3) I think Nicole Kidman's (what I consider) breakout performance in Moulin Rouge deserved the Oscar, but I didn't see Berry's film. I doubt she showed the range of emotions and sang like Nicole though.
4) What was with the circus people? Nuff said.
5) Whoopi, big whoop. She didn't do that great of a job in my opinion.
6) Here's the thing that bugged me the most. Every time Lord of the Rings was mentioned they had to say "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings" the show was long enough without saying that 20 times.
7) The Lifetime and Humanitarian Awards took way too long
8) I know I might be alone on this but... was it just me or was 9/11 mentioned WAY too much?

I'm impressed.
1) I new Lord of the Rings wouldn't go without some awards, I'm glad they got the ones they did. I can see them deserving those.
2) That theatre was incredible! I love it!
3) Moulin Rouge did get some awards they very highly deserved.
4) Beatiful Mind did take four, including two of the big ones. Not some of the less-important ones that LOTR's got.
5) It was so great to see the Nash's there. I was very pleased with that.
6) Even though Crowe should have won, I was very happy with Denzel's opening remarks "God is good. God is great. Etc" Too many of those actors took everything for themselves (cough cough Hally Berry cough cough) It was nice to see one (Ron Howard did at the end) mention God.