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Monday at the Movies: Memento leaves too many questions

Memento is a Pulp Fiction wanna-be starring Guy Pearce (Madonna's hubby) and two Matrix alumnists (Carrie-Anne Moss and the bald, bad, pirate lookin' guy, I don't feel like looking up his name). I really wasn't that impressed. It takes Leonard (Pearce) and his story of losing his short term memory from one point and works from the end backward and from the beggining forward at the same time using b&w and color to distiguish. At the end it meets in the middle. Like I said, it tries to be like Pulp Fiction, mixing things up, but it doesn't work. At the end I was still confused about a lot of things. In movies like this, everything should make sense at the end. I had to go back through the film and try to figure some stuff out again. That shouldn't have to happen. Momento had been up for
Original Screenplay and Best Film Editing at last nights Oscars and won neither. Good, it shouldn't have. The screenplay wasn't well done and the editing, while some was good, wasn't Oscar quality. I was doing some homework every now and then, so maybe I missed a key element or two but I thought I was paying close enough attention. But there is that small chance, so I'm giving it: :-|