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Friday Five

Here's this weeks Friday Five. As cliche as it is TGIF!!

#7 this week. movin on up!

1. What makes you homesick? Hmm.. not being able to spend time alone with Alexis in a comfortable place where we can just relax and talk. We can relax and talk here. But it's just not the same

2. Where is "home" for you? Is it where you are living now, or somewhere else (ie: Mom & Dad's house, particular state/city)? I sometimes consider here (the campus) my home. At least this year since I'm here so much. But it will never be home home. Mostly because of #1.

3. What makes it home for you? People? Things? Being able to find a place to be alone, like my room at home. Where I can just relax and listen to music. I also have more of a free life there i.e. curfew, living space

4. Where is the furthest you've been from home, miles-wise? however many florida is.

5. What are your plans for this weekend? GOING HOME!!! (How ironic for this five). Friday night is movie night, Sat I'm going with my parents to look at cars and try to find a bike I like. And Sunday it's Eric's B-day party then rushing back here for the Rebecca St. James concert!! A lot of stuff but a lot of fun!