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Playing InkLink reminds me of how many stupid people are out there. It's amazing how many people there are that get a kick out of joining your game and drawing reproductive organs and the like every time it's there turn. What's the point? Also, there is a large number of people that deem it necessary to "boot" you from the room if you're beating them. It'a amazing how many childish people there are on that game. It's really sad. Playing a game like that there's no way to minister to them or anything, you just have to put up with it, leave, or as I usually choose to do, try to get them to realize how exactly they are acting. It just angers me that people with this lack of mental growth choose to use it as a method to have "fun" instead of realizing where their life is and turning it in the right direction. Sigh... God bless them, every one. And PLEASE give me be peace away from them.

I think I'm done with that game for awhile... while do the bad apples always have to spoil it?