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Now that it's new day and I've had a nice nine and a half hour sleep, I want to explain more about my post last night. That was simply a release of frustration that I needed to get out of my system before I even tried to sleep. I don't consider it a serious attack on anyone, but just a huge venting that needed to exit my mind.

I don't consider those people "stupid", that was just he word I chose at the moment, however I do consider them immature. Here's more detail of what happened. My roommate and I were playing this game and we were in a room with two other people having a nice time. Then three guys who knew each other popped in and basically shared every way they had found to misspell words to get around the language filter. When we tried to persuade them to stop, they just decided to call everyone other names they figured out how to misspell and start drawing pictures of what I mentioned before, people deficating into other peoples mouths, people doing you know what, all with names written in beside them. Our names, if you didn't catch on. So, we left and found a different room. We started another game that was fine and this girl came in and started using the "whisper funtion" to try and get people to boot the person who was winning. Then she told me to bump the screen name my roommate uses (she didn't know he was my rooommate) because he was "annoying" so I told her no and publically asked her to stop booting everyone. So then she whispered to everyone else to boot me and with the exception of my roommate, it worked. So I'm now booted out of that room for ever. (Which I'm not that worried about because I don't plan on playing the game anymore, but it's the prinicple.

So I hope you can see, I had reason to be frustrated. The thing I want to point out in my last post is I wish there was a way I could minister to them but on that there isn't a way. To whomever posted Ph. 2:3, I do not consider myself better than these people, as hard as it is, but I was just frustrated with what they were doing to ruin it for everyone else. I want to help them find God, I know they are children from the same heavenly Father I am and I wish I could make them know that. But, I can't in that medium so I'm just left being frustrated.

I won't take down that post, I think this blog should be a fair representation of what I'm going through and you can't take away the emotions you've had. So I won't delete the past. But I hope everyone knows that this I use this as a way to let out how I feel for all emotions. That was how I was feeling last night, even if it may have had wrong intentions.

God loves everyone and so should we, and I do. But sometimes, people get on your nerves and you have to vent. I guess that's why we, also like God, have the ablity to forgive. A blessing I praise God for many times.